Download the APP get ₱38 bonus

Download the APP get ₱38 bonus to participate in club betting will help players clearly understand the betting process in this market, thereby saving a significant amount of time during the online investment process. All detailed information related to how to participate in playing the Poker club game will be sent to you by JILIMACAO in this article.

Download the APP get ₱38 bonus
Download the APP get ₱38 bonus

Download the APP get ₱38 bonus details

1. Member must Download the APP to claim

2. Must pass mobile phone OTP verification

3. Complete the first recharge, at least P100

4. The turnover requirement is computed as follows: 38 x 5 = 190

5. Bets on any of our game platforms will be counted in the turnover requirement.

  • Open JILI and FC SLOTS games with just one click.
  • Swift deposits and withdrawals.
  • Receive the latest promotions via notificationst

How to apply :

  1.  Download( IOS or android )mobile APP here , or scan QR code from picture above.
  2.  Kindly make sure you have login your player ID using the Mobile App
    (otherwise you won’t get the bonus)

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Terms & Conditions:

  1.  All slots bets will count toward the total bet required and all placed bets and canceled bets will not be counted towards the total number of valid bets.
  2.  JILIMACAO has the ability to change, modify and cancel any promotions or conditions at any time, especially in group or syndicate games, without the consent of the members.
  3.  Only one account per player is allowed. no same ip address, bank account, and contact number allowed. players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.
  4.  All promotions, terms and conditions are subject to the knowledge of JILIMACAO.

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