Member VIP upgrade bonus at JILIMACAO

Member VIP upgrade bonus to participate in club betting will help players clearly understand the betting process in this market, thereby saving a significant amount of time during the online investment process. All detailed information related to how to participate in playing the Poker club game will be sent to you by JILIMACAO in this article.

Member VIP upgrade bonus at JILIMACAO
Member VIP upgrade bonus at JILIMACAO

Member VIP Upgrade Bonus details

Promotion:01/05/2023 – 12/03/2025

VIP exclusive benefits

Event object: All VIP members

Activity content: Members on the platform accumulate rewards based on their recharge amounts. When your accumulated recharge reaches specific level standards, you can unlock VIP level rewards. Enjoy rich bonuses with the potential to reach up to ₱315,288. Experience the upgraded VIP mode and explore a world of rewards!

Birthday Surprise!

Any member will receive a surprise gift on their birthday. Just ensure you’re active two months before your birthday and have a total deposit of ten thousand (10,000). You can claim the betting bonus once before processing your withdrawal.

Please contact online customer service to claim the bonus,click(Online customer service

How to get it:

  1.  The distribution time of VIP upgrade rewards is automatically distributed between 00:00-17:00.
  2.  Those who upgrade after 17:00 will be reissued after 23:59. Please wait until 0:00 before checking.

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Each player can only use one account. Same IP address, bank account and contact number are not allowed. Players with multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be eligible for this promotion.
  2. If any member is found to be abusing this promotion, MY company  reserves the right to cancel all bonuses given to any member.

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