Refer a Friend To Receive commissions up to P88888

Refer a Friend To Receive commissions to participate in club betting will help players clearly understand the betting process in this market, thereby saving a significant amount of time during the online investment process. All detailed information related to how to participate in playing the Poker club game will be sent to you by JILIMACAO in this article.
Refer a Friend To Receive commissions up to P88888
Refer a Friend To Receive commissions up to P88888

Refer a Friend To Receive commissions up to P88888

Promotion:29/03/2024 – 20/03/2026

Share your referral code or link with the person you would like to refer.
You can share your link through social media platforms! (e.g Facebook, Telegram, Instagram etc..)

Valid invitation conditions:

1. FIll in your referral code during registration or

2. Register by clicking on your referral link

3. Mobile number must be verified,

Referral Bonus: Single Referral Reward

Valid Referee Conditions (within 30 days) ₱500 Deposit + ₱2500 Valid Turnover
Bonus For Referral ₱68 (1x Turnover)

Refer a Friend To Receive commissions up to P88888

Important Notice:
1. The promotion is limited to SLOT GAMES only.

2. If the promotion requirements are met, the bonus will arrive in your account within 1 hour at the latest.

3. Mobile number must be fully VERIFIED.

4. Mission Diary – Accumulative Mission Receive

5.Example: A invites B, A can get ₱68 (Complete mobile phone number verification),If you refer 10 players who meet the requirements, you can get (68×10=680), Bonus is Unlimited

Referral Bonus: Accumulative Mission

Cumulative recommendation Bonus Turnover
10 ₱58 X3
50 ₱218 X3
100 ₱518 X3
200 ₱888 X3
500 ₱2,188 X3
1000 ₱5,188 X3

Referral Bonus: Earn 0.3% of your friend’s turnover as commission
Earn everday, maximum of ₱88,888 per day

Extra Stage Valid Bet Commission Benefit

You invite the player and the player you invited can invite someone else to joing JILIMACAO. You still can get the valid bet commission of his next level player.

The stage commission calculation is as below:

Downline level Friend Betting Rebate Rate%
1 0.3%
2 0.2%
3 0.2%
4 0.15%
5 0.15%
Total 1%

Refer a Friend To Receive commissions

Refer a Friend To Receive commissions
Refer a Friend To Receive commissions

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Every members of JILIMACAO whose registered currency is PHP.

2. The friends you have referred should not include those whose registered under JILIMACAO Affiliates.

3. The member you refer must meet the requirements to become a valid referred member. The mobile number must be fully verified, and they must deposit a minimum of ₱500 and have a valid turnover of 2,500 within 30 days from the date of registration.

4. Your friends must register JILIMACAO account via the link or QR code that provided by you and make a deposit in order to qualify this promotion.

5, JILIMACAO Management reserved the right to change, amen, add or invalidate any time without notice any of these terms and conditions.

6. Referrer participation required to follow the terms and condition stated under the program and website, no same IP address, bank account, and contact number is allowed.Players who have multiple or fraudulent account will not be qualified for this promotion.

7. JILIMACAO also reserved the right to check member’s transaction record and login status at any time. If we find out and firmly believe any terminal user or personal group misuse the qualification and rights,we reserved the right to cancel the qualification without prior notice..

8. Referrer are also apply with JILIMACAO general rules terms and conditions.

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